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The Ministry of Tourism recognizes MIN TRAVEL under License No. 593 - category (A) - since 1986 as a pioneer member of the Tourist Chamber and the Egyptian Association of Tour Operators in Egypt.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Table of Contents

Is it safe to travel in Egypt?

Egyptian people remain very friendly and  peaceful toward foreign visitors. Few incidences of violence and  terrorist activities have been reported in recent years making Egypt safe as any place for a holiday destination. For updated information check with your embassy before traveling to any foreign country.

How do I get to Egypt?

The easiest and quickest way to get to Egypt is via a direct charter flight from most European countries. 

If you are searching for a flight or flight/hotel package deal check with your local tour operator or last-minutes deals on the Internet. In addition, you may want to check out our Airlines Serving Egypt page for a list of airline companies that provide flights to Egypt.

When I arrive how do I get to my hotel?

The Hurghada International airport is about 10 minutes from downtown Hurghada. If you booked your reservation with us we will provide complementary round trip transfers from the airport to your hotel. You must confirm with our office, prior to your arrival date, that you need a pick up and transfer to your hotel.

How can I book my reservation?

We have made it easy for you to book your holiday with us. The easiest and fastest way is to complete our online form and send it to us. This form, if completed correctly, usually gives us all the necessary information we need to calculate the rates for services you need and other applicable details. In addition, there is a section for you to add any questions or request for specific information.

You can also directly via email or send a fax to our office at: (+202) 263 25 810)

How much will my holiday package cost?

"How much is my holiday going to cost" is an important question and good question! Our goal is to create 'a total holiday' package which is personalized for each customer within their budget.

The easiest and fastest way to help us determine the cost of your holiday and create your itinerary is for you to complete our online Request for Information form and send it to us. 

Sending this  form is not a binding contract, nor are you obligated to us in any way. This is just another creative way to keep our costs down so we can continue to pass on the savings to you!

Do I need any immunizations to travel to Egypt?

Although vaccinations are not mandatory to travel in Egypt, a booster and gamma globin for reinforcement are recommended. For most of the Red Sea region in general, tetanus, typhoid, and paratyphoid are all suggested.  Ask your doctor about a single vaccination known as TABTA, which covers all three in one vaccination.

Do I need a health certificate from my doctor to take a diving course?

A health certificate from a doctor is not required to participate in a diving course however, you must be in good health.  If you have any previous medical history it will be necessary for you to have a statement from a diving doctor that states you can safely participate in scuba diving related activities.

Do I need a VISA?

Any time you visit Egypt you need a visitors visa.  A normal visitors visa is good for one month from the day it is issued. The average cost for a visitors visa is between $15 - $20 US dollars.

Where can I get an entry VISA?

Most travel agencies and tour operators provide visas for travelers. If you do not get a visa before arriving in Egypt, you can get one at any international airport upon arrival.

How can I pay for my holiday?

You can pay in any currency;  MasterCard or Visa credit cards, cash or you can get cash advances at most banks. All reservations require a minimum of 25% deposit. When you arrive you can pay the balance with cash or any major credit card.

For additional information on our booking policies please contact us:

What type of currency can I use in Egypt?

Most businesses and banks accept any currency however, the exchange rates may vary.  Travelers checks are not widely accepted and may be difficult to cash. Exchange rates may vary. To check the current rate for your currency click here. Exchange offices typically offer better exchange rates.

What type of credit cards are acceptable in Egypt?

All major credit cards are accepted at most businesses and banks.  MasterCard, American Express, and Visa are most commonly used. We also accept major credit cards.

What medical facilities are available in Egypt?

There are several hospitals offering various levels of services from minor outpatient care to more serious problems including surgical procedures. Medical facilities are adequate for most minor medical problems, including diving related emergencies.  We keep a complete updated list of medical facilities including contact information and other important numbers in our office.

Where is the nearest hyper baric chamber?

Currently there are two full service hyper baric chambers located in Hurghada that are prepared to manage diving related accidents. In addition there are chambers in Sharm el Sheikh, El Gouna and Marsa Alam.

Can you assist me with flight reservations?

We only book domestic flights for our customers but not international flights.  We find that most customers are able to take advantage of local charter flight and special air fares in their local area and obtain excellent rates. Often travel packages include flight and hotel at very reasonable rates.

What standard of hotels are available in Egypt?

Any standard of hotels are available; from B&B style rooms up to five star resorts.  Rates vary depending on the time of year and can be difficult to confirm last minute reservations during high season, particularly during August and mid to late December.

What type of food is available?

Most resorts offer a variety of international cuisine. In addition, the local cuisine includes excellent seafood dishes, pastas and sandwiches. There are also a few major fast-food chains in major cities, including Hurghada. Expect to find just about any type of cuisine with limited menus.

What other activities are available?

Egypt, a world class holiday destination, offers something for everyone! Aside from the popular water sports activities you can go shopping, visit museums, go on a Nile cruise, go on land tours, or visit the desert. The night only brings more life to the cities including dancing and fine dining. There are also a lot of scheduled annual events.

What can I expect to see on daily dives?

On every dive, expect to see a large variety of colorful hard and soft corals, schools of colorful tropical fish, clown fish, lion fish, tuna, groupers, jacks, and many other reef fish. It is not unusual to encounter dolphins, turtles, reef sharks, eagle rays, stingrays, and moray eels.

What is the water temperature?

During winter months water temperatures average around 22 Celsius, whereas the average temperatures in the summer months is around 27 Celsius. Click here to see a chart of yearly average air and water temperatures.

Are there strong currents in the Red Sea?

In some places and sometimes yes, there are strong currents however these places are rare during daily diving. In some places such as the This tlegorm wreck, you count on currents be present but depending on the time of day you dive this area will depend on the current strength, any where from mild up to moderately strong. Our guides are very experience to guide you safely on dives with currents.

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